Saga of the Summer Smokkr

When I first got my SCA Known World Handbook, one of the first patterns they offer for those starting out is the so-called basic “Norse apron-dress”. And why shouldn’t it be? Not only are Viking-age personas popular, but this garment is fairly simple in concept: a tube with straps. A pretty tube with straps that’s fitted with gores and darts, but still a tube with straps. And that pretty tube with straps can help keep you warm atop your shift (and maybe a over-under-dress) with its period-appropriate fabrics of linen and shin-to-ankle-length in period-appropriate cold, damp weather– which we get a lot of in An Tir.

So what happens when you want something for warmer, dryer weather? And you need it in a week?

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Chiseling, Please Wait…

I may have jinxed myself early on, but oh well. The following has occurred and will (hopefully) be written about:

Update: I’ve linked subjects that have been written about, and will continue to do so as I can!