Newbies First May Crown

Spring. A time of new beginnings, fresh opportunities and colorful experiences. For me, the season brought with it my first taste of the tournament season and the revelry that surrounds it. And while I didn’t suit up, I gained my own bumps n’ bruises to learn from. Continue reading


A Big Heart for Boar’s Hunt

Smoke curled through the longhouse, teasing at the occupants’ noses with the aroma of cooked meat. Cuts of all kinds would be shared, but one in particular was reserved for the völva. Barded in flesh, basted with berries, and but one per bovine: the heart.

This past Boar’s Hunt & All Champions, I managed to line up a number of challenges for myself. First, to simply participating in a serious SCA competition with documentation. Second, to complete not one, but two projects in roughly a month’s time (on top of other commitments). And third, to relate those two projects to each other in an intimate way. For this year’s challenge was tailored by Lady Marguerite fitz William, a Golden Swan— the concept of persona was vital.
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