Winter with the Varangians

“These people here considered that nothing was as important as this Yule banquet and that nothing ought to interrupt it.”
~ Hákonar Saga

— For whether it be an oddity or an inconsistency, the feast must go on! Continue reading


And Now for Something Geekily Different

Seattle hosts a variety of non-standard conventions throughout the year. Emerald City ComiCon, PAX Prime, Sakura-Con, Bumbershoot, Crypticon, HONK! Fest— you name it, we probably have celebration of it somewhere in the city limits or within 25 miles. One of my personal favorites, though, is a smaller venue that supports a variety of interests and identities: GeekGirlCon. Continue reading

A Fair Day for June Faire

The wind that filled the bright banners of spring eventually bore the warm breath of summer. In my continuing adventures, I followed it across our kingdom’s deep blue waters to a festival of green hills, colorful tents, and curious mundanes. This was the summer treat of An Tir: June Faire. Continue reading