Bears, Boars and More

“Over hill, over dale,
Thorough bush, thorough brier,
Over park, over pale,
Thorough flood, thorough fire,
I do wander everywhere.”
~ A fairy’s answer to Puck’s question, “whither wander you?” in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

— And an apt description for my first Boar’s Hunt & All Champions event.
boarshunt2014-2Unfortunately, due to the passage of time, I will be writing my recollections in bullet points rather than a full, story-like format.

  • As with many events this past year, this Boar’s Hunt carried a number of firsts:
    • First time back at this site since “Banner Flood”; I was able to see everything in a much drier format.
    • First time entering Baronial Championships.
    • First time presenting documented A&S work (of which I was writing until last minute and preparing until 1-2pm on Friday).
    • First time attending (and helping with) a vigil.
  • By the grace of the Norns, a Pelican invited me to sleep in her tent when I arrived on site.


    • In the months prior, I assisted others in preparing a local vigil for a very good friend and baroness. I aimed to help set-up when I got on site…boarshunt2014-3
    • …But I found myself not only arriving later than planned, and putting myself together added to that. Thank goodness for Sabina and Raffaella!
    • As is fitting for someone focus on the culinary arts, my friend’s vigil had a huge array of food.
      • In fact, we didn’t manage to keep her out of the kitchen! We did get her to relax by the fire for much of the time, though.boarshunt2014-4
    • There was also an array of smiling faces and laughter- definitely a positive experience for everyone that came.
    • I presented my friend with a necklace string of coral beads (akin to ones seen in one of the depictions of “XXXII. Roses (Roxe) Nature” in the Tacuinum Sanitatis) and a ‘Wicked Laurel’ pin by RedWolf Ltd.
      • And I dressed up like a 15th century Luigi for her. Because I like to give giggles, if possible.The Vigil was held on Friday evening.


  • Saturday’s Opening Court saw the presentation of many potential champions.
    • I really need to learn some grace and quicken my wit or, at least, my response time
    • Kudos to the person who jumped in to to take the Presentation of the Champions photos!
    • I look so incredibly pale. I’m not sure how I feel about this.
  • This court also saw Baronial officer changes.
    • We bore witness to the unique heraldic release and installment ceremonies with Toki and Nigel. Her Excellency may have had too much fun pouring water on our new herald.
    • The Equestrian Officer was released.


  • For boarshunt2014-7A&S Champions this year, competitors had to consider the concept of persona in addition to craftsmanship and research for 2 submissions
    • I chose to base my entries on a conceptualized 10th century Norse völva.
    • I created a treasure necklace and smoked a beef heart.
    • Three others competed to be the barony’s next Arts & Sciences Champion: Jadwiga, Emma, and Halawa.
  • With my presentation, I didn’t expect to be so nervous; I really need to practice speaking before I ever do this sort of thing again.
    • Now that I have the judging forms, I can also better consider how this things like this are reviewed and other areas I can improve.


  • Somehow, I managed to take over 2000 photos at this event; it took me a month to go through them all.
    • It’s only in going through the images that I really got to see how cool the Boar’s Hunt in the woods really is. We’re one of a few groups that gets to have this environment in our area.boarshunt2014-9
  • Saturday Evening Court saw the announcement of the new Champions.
    • I was honestly not expecting Emma, but it was great to see. Thus far, Emma has done an amazing job supporting the A&S community in the barony and has helped lead the way with new Ithra opportunities.
    • My friend Samira was declared the Bardic Champion for her dance & poetry, while Phydeaux continues reign as the Thrown Weapons Championboarshunt2014-11
    • Toward the end of court,  Mastyr robyrt made us all laugh with his very dramatic call for someone to come forth with their winning bid.
    • After court, one of our newest Court Barons (who leads our Youth Armored Combat program) received a new coronet from friends.


  • After court, we “restarted” the feast for Mastyr Robyrt at hte Inn of the Whirling Swine.boarshunt2014-12
    • Last year’s was stormed out at Banner War 2013/Banner Flood.
    • First time with an “Inn” style (serve yourself from spread presented).
    • A Medieval English menu was presented, including what could be interpreted as ‘period macaroni and cheese’.
    • Our current baron quickly jumped in to help take care of cleaning dishes.
  • Celebrations across the grounds continued throughout the night, but after such a full day, I conked out.


  • At Sunday Morning Court, boarshunt2014-14we witnessed the presentation of the Heavy Champions and YAC Champions.
    • All fighting was done in the main field area.
    • Both defending Champions retained their titles.
  • At Closing Court, we wrapped it all up.
    • And I got to swear my first fealty oath as I took up the mantle of Baronial Grete Boke in the ceremonial change over!

boarshunt2014-15Want to see more photos at higher quality? Visit the event’s photo album here!


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