And Now for Something Geekily Different

Seattle hosts a variety of non-standard conventions throughout the year. Emerald City ComiCon, PAX Prime, Sakura-Con, Bumbershoot, Crypticon, HONK! Fest— you name it, we probably have celebration of it somewhere in the city limits or within 25 miles. One of my personal favorites, though, is a smaller venue that supports a variety of interests and identities: GeekGirlCon. ggc2014-2Highlights

  • ggc2014-4I wasn’t alone this year– I ventured out into the foray with my friends James & Tara. We ran into another friend while there, too.
    • Personally, I’ve found it really rough to attend conventions alone. Without someone to talk to or just connect with at certain times can make the experience pretty lackluster.
  • ggc2014-7I had a few people recognize the Fluffle Puff element in my Mad Hatter mash-up costume.
    • Most of the elements I already had, so it didn’t cost nearly as much as last year’s costume.
    • One individual really delighted in it and asked my permission to use the idea for Halloween.
    • Photo from the GGC Photo Booth. As it’s been a while, I haven’t completely figured out how to get the size I want and still link to FlickR through the commands provided by WordPress or in messing with the ‘text’.
  • A number of the panels offered were related to career exploration and improvement.
    • I took the time to get my resume looked over. To my surprise, people no longer include objectives or references on the actual resume’. To my dismay, cover letters are more in demand than ever.
  • ggc2014-8The Lady Planeswalkers Society taught me how to play Magic: The Gathering and provided me a free blue deck.
    • It was reminiscent of my ye old Yu-Gi-Oh days with my Leviathan themed deck. (I wonder if I still have those somewhere…?)
    • Admittedly, I’ve forgotten how to play since then, but I’d be up to be learn again.


Low Points

  • All three of us got tuckered out early.
    • I don’t think any of us were sick, and the environment wasn’t overly demanding. To this day, I’m not sure why we were so drained so soon.ggc2014-10
  • We had a few friends that had to bail due to emergencies, so while we had planned to do an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ group, it ended up being just me running with the theme.
    • I think I had one other friend attend but I completely missed connecting with her.
  • While I didn’t participate in or see as much as I wanted, overall it wasn’t a bad event. Definitely a nice splash of color in comparison to my other activities.



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