One Year, Many Banners

Dappled light through golden leaves,
Tresses brushed by autumn’s breeze,
Battles waged amongst good friends–
This is how our summers end.bw2014-2Highlightsbw2014-5

  • Holy hand grenade– I survived my first year in the SCA!
    • Despite becoming a lesser officer, cramming in projects, competing in All Champions, traveling across state lines, almost getting hit by a widow-maker…
      • True story: During my first event, abw2014-9 large tree limb fell just hairs in front of me while I was walking to my car during evacuation.
    • In celebration of my 1-year anniversary, my friend Roger and I went in together to offer 2lb of custom Aquaterra M&Ms to the war chest.
  • bw2014-8Looking over the photos, this was the event of expressions: a number of funny reactions and goofy characters were captured.
  • I received major help with Grete Boke duties thanks to a member of House Gremlin communicating with me and taking photos where I couldn’t be.
  • To my surprise, I was admitted to the Order of the Silver Dolphin bw2014-7for my work on taking photos and documenting the barony’s current history.
  • While reviewing the rapier photos, I was surprised to see I got people’s expressions through their masks.
    • Less surprising: all of the captured expressions were huge grins. Tells ya’ something about rapier, don’t it?

bw2014-6Low Notes

  • bw2014-12I tried connecting with one other person so that photos might be taken at Baron Little Bear’s memorial, but the communication went silent and I couldn’t make it over there, myself.
  • Due to running every which way with my duties, I was:
    • Late to the Ladies’ Tea and missed a number of good treats
    • Only captured a few heavy combat shots
    • Didn’t really get to participate in any of the activities.
  • From my position, the spread of the war points didn’t make sense. I respect that a large number of points going towards combat, but if there’s a point for each of the heavy challenges or categories, shouldn’t there be a point for each thrown weapons challenge? I mean, thrown weapons, rapier, and archery are all combative arts…

bw2014-10Lessons Learnedbw2014-14

  • Trust your court heralds. I made a dork out of myself because I was anxious about my contribution being remembered.
  • Bardic competitions between households in the evening can play host to some hilarious and strange entertainment.
  • For whatever reason, many of the service-oriented folks act suspicious when we’re called into court (myself included).
  • bw2014-11My hair does weird stuff when exposed to heat and humidity.
  • Officer positions at any level demand time management, prioritization, and sometimes sacrifice for the greater good.
    • And though this sounds like a heavy burden, your efforts will not go unnoticed!



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